David Wilhelm
Founder and Partner

David Wilhelm is the Founder and President of Woodland Venture Management, a company that raises and invests private equity in parts of the country that are underserved by the nation's financial industry.  Woodland has become one of the nation's leading sources of capital in the Midwest and central Appalachia.

In that capacity, Wilhelm founded Adena Ventures, a venture capital fund targeting central Appalachia, which includes the southeastern Ohio area in which he was raised.  Wilhelm is a partner and member of the fund's investment committee.

Wilhelm also founded a second fund, Hopewell Ventures, which brings investment dollars to entrepreneurs in the nation's heartland, specifically a seven-state region stretching from Ohio to Nebraska.

Wilhelm is best known for his political work, which has included managing campaigns for President Bill Clinton, Senator Paul Simon, Senator Joe Biden, and Chicago Mayor Richard Daley.  In 1993, he became the youngest ever Chair of the Democratic National Committee.

Wilhelm holds degrees from Harvard's Kennedy School of Government (MPP) and Ohio University (BA), and recently served as Chair of the Ohio University National Alumni Board. 

Wilhelm is the proud father of two boys, Luke and Logan.  He and his wife, Degee, live in Bexley, Ohio.

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